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Are you, or your group, interested in learning how to ride Solano transit services? Maybe you’re new to transit, or it’s been a while and a refresher would be helpful before boarding a bus.

Transit training is available to both groups and individuals.

A group orientation will help you learn where the different routes go, read a schedule, where to board, pay fares, and use various special features of the bus such as bike racks, lifts, and more. It’s a good place to get your questions answered before setting off on your first transit journey.

Individual training is provided by Transit Ambassadors who accompany you on a practice transit trip or trips. An Ambassador can help you find the most convenient bus stops to your home and destination, communicate with the driver if you need any special services, transfers and more. Transit Ambassadors will simply make the trip as smooth as possible while training you to master riding the bus independently.

One trip with a Transit Ambassador may suffice for many people, but more intensive training is available if needed. People with a physical or cognitive disability may prefer more intensive training before feeling confident enough to travel independently to one or more places. Let us know if you like to be trained on multiple transit systems, specialized training for traveling with mobility devices, or have other special concerns. Transit Ambassadors want you to feel confident about for the entire transit journey.

For More Information, contact Debbie McQuilkin, Transit Mobility Coordinator at or fill out the form below to request a Travel Training.