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MONDAY - FRIDAY 7am - 5pm

If you use a commute alternative like transit, carpool, or vanpool to get to work in Solano County, you can get a free ride home in an emergency.

Now you can use easy, alternative ways to commute – and feel secure that you’ll have a ride home in case of an emergency or other unexpected events. Guaranteed  Ride Home (GRH) is a free service from Solano Mobility, providing vouchers for taxis or rental cars.

We will provide a free emergency ride home if:

  • You have used alternative transportation to get to work on the day you use an GRH voucher: carpool, vanpool, train, ferry, bus, walk or bicycle (motorcycles are not considered an alternative mode); and
  • You or an immediate family member suffers an illness or severe crisis that requires your immediate attention; or
  • After the start of your shift or workday, your employer requests that you work unscheduled overtime (supervisor authorization is required); or
  • Your ridesharing vehicle breaks down or the driver has to unexpectedly stay late or leave early.
  • You may make emergency-related stops on your way home.

To view the requirements click here. To participate in the GRH Program, please register and create a profile  at Commuter Info!