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If you ride the Solano Express Blue, Green, Red or Yellow Line to travel to work in Solano County, or to travel from Solano County to your workplace, you can receive an Uber Voucher to use if your Solano Express route is cancelled.

To be eligible, participants must sign up on Commute Solano ( and join the network for the Solano Express Line you ride. Participants will receive an Uber Voucher valid for 4 rides during the month, for up to $100 per trip. The participant must download the Uber app to their phone to receive the Uber Voucher. Participants must live or work within 100 miles of Solano County.

The Uber Voucher may only be used if the commuter’s Solano Express route cancels. Staff reserves the right to remove participants for misuse of the program. Program is subject to termination at the discretion of Solano Mobility for any and all reasons.

Guaranteed Ride may not be used for: personal errands, pre-planned medical appointments, weather emergencies, early dismissals from work, an ambulance service, business-related travel, anticipated overtime or working overtime without a supervisor’s request, or non-emergency related trips on the way home.

To participate in the GR Program, please register for the Solano Express Line you ride. You’ll receive your Uber Voucher the next business day.


Solano Express Blue Line:

Solano Express Green Line:

Solano Express Red Line:

Solano Express Yellow Line:

The Guaranteed Ride Program is an expansion of the Guaranteed Ride Home Program for Solano Express Commuters. If you need a ride home for a route that cancels after business hours,  and you do not have a valid Uber Voucher, please see the Guaranteed Ride Home Program for more information on ride reimbursement: