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What is a Vanpool?

Vanpooling is a convenient way to get to work, especially for people who work far from home. Vanpools accommodate 7- 15 passengers that consist of a driver and passengers with similar origins and destinations. Vanpools are used  for  nonprofit work-related transportation .

Vanpools are most cost effective when they start at least 15 miles or more from their destinations. The pricing for a van depends on the number of riders and the distance you are traveling.

If you are interested in joining or registering your Vanpool please visit 

Benefits and Incentives

Benefits of Vanpooling 

For a low, monthly cost, commuters can ride in a Vanpool and enjoy an array of benefits.

  • Use of pre-tax or employer subsidized transit benefits to pay for their monthly commute
  • Use of HOV lanes and roads
  • Less stress and more relaxation during commute to work
Vanpool Incentives

New, qualifying Vanpools and backup drivers can earn from $100 to $300 in gas cards, receive preferential parking, and enjoy additional special incentives in some areas.

  1. $300: New vanpool drivers can receive $100 gas cards for three months.
  2. $100: Vanpool backup drivers can receive $50 gas cards for two months.
  3. $350: If you are considering forming a public Vanpool, contact:  511


For more information, contact our Solano Mobility Call Center at: 800-535-6883