Biking and Walking

Bicycling is not only for recreation and exercise, it can also be a practical, healthy and affordable alternative to driving to work. Bicycles can be carried on many of the transit services in Solano, Napa and the Bay Area, and bike lockers are available at certain park and ride lots.

Walking is an ideal form of commuting to and from work if you live within a few miles of your destination. Walking offers an opportunity to get in shape, greatly reduce your commute costs and help lower your ‘carbon footprint.’

For more information on biking and walking in Solano County and beyond, please see the related links on this web page or call the Solano Mobility Call Center at 800-535-6883.



Solano Yolo Bikelinks Map

Download this map designed to help you bike safely throughout Solano and Yolo Counties.


Do you have concerns or need further mobility help?


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