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Learn More About Alternative Transportation

Learn more about these travel options: what they are, how to get started using them and available incentives using them.

What is a Carpool?

A carpool is two or more commuters sharing a ride to the same company or several companies located near one another.

The advantages of carpooling include:

  • Savings on commute costs
  • Use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Flexibility: carpool every day, a few days a month, or anywhere in between
  • Lowers stress from always having to drive (in traffic) every day

Check out 511 to see how you can earn incentives and rewards for carpooling.

Casual Carpooling is a flexible approach to commuting where drivers who wish to use the HOV lanes offer rides to potential passengers who line up at a common, convenient site to wait for rides into San Francisco. Two popular casual carpool locations in Solano County are the Fairfield Transportation Center in Fairfield and the Curtola Park & Ride lot in Vallejo.

Bay Area casual carpool pick-up locations

Park n Ride locations in Solano and Napa counties

For more information, contact our Solano Mobility Call Center at: 800-535-6883.

What is a Vanpool?

Vanpooling is a convenient way to get to work, especially for people who work far from home. Vanpools accommodate 7- 15 passengers that consist of a driver and passengers with similar origins and destinations. Vanpools are used  for  nonprofit work-related transportation .

Vanpools are most cost effective when they start at least 15 miles or more from their destinations. The pricing for a van depends on the number of riders and the distance you are traveling.

If you are interested in joining or registering your Vanpool please visit 

Benefits and Incentives

Benefits of Vanpooling 

For a low, monthly cost, commuters can ride in a Vanpool and enjoy an array of benefits.

  • Use of pre-tax or employer subsidized transit benefits to pay for their monthly commute
  • Use of HOV lanes and roads
  • Less stress and more relaxation during commute to work
Vanpool Incentives

New, qualifying Vanpools and backup drivers can earn from $100 to $300 in gas cards, receive preferential parking, and enjoy additional special incentives in some areas.

  1. $300: New vanpool drivers can receive $100 gas cards for three months.
  2. $100: Vanpool backup drivers can receive $50 gas cards for two months.
  3. $350: If you are considering forming a public Vanpool, contact:  511


For more information, contact our Solano Mobility Call Center at: 800-535-6883


Transit Services in Solano County


Solano transit agencies provide express and local service, with connections to other bus systems, Park & Ride lots, airports, ferries and trains. Sign up for Commuter Info to earn free rewards and incentives everytime you commute using these modes of travel.

SolanoExpress– Operated by FAST and SolTrans,  SolanoExpress connects to cities within Solano County and provides fast, convenient transit service to neighboring counties, including BART, UC Davis and Sacramento.

Solano County cities are also served by several different fixed-route transit systems, providing local bus transportation and connecting the cities within Solano County.  Here is a list of the transit operators by city:

SolTrans – Benicia/Vallejo

FAST – Fairfield/Suisun City

City Coach – Vacaville

Readi-Ride – Dixon

Delta Breeze – Rio Vista


Commuting by ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco is a comfortable, relaxing alternative to driving on bridges or in traffic.  Enjoy great views while avoiding gridlock. For more info and updated schedules, go to:  San Francisco Bay Ferry.


The Capitol Corridor runs between Sacramento and San Jose with many stops in between.  The Suisun/Fairfield and Fairfield/Vacaville stations provide service from Solano County.  For more info and updated schedules, go to: Capitol Corridor schedules and information.

For more information, contact our Solano Mobility Call Center at: 800-535-6883

Bike & Ped

The Solano Mobility program encourages bicycling and walking to work as a healthy and affordable alternative to driving. We offer rewards and incentives to encourage walking and bicycling to work and around the county. Sign up for Commuter Info. 

Bucks for Bikes Program

Solano Mobility offers an incentive of up to $100 for individuals who purchase a new bicycle for commuting. To qualify, applicants must live or work in Solano County and meet additional requirements.

To view requirement for participation, please register and create a profile at Commuter Info.

Biking and Walking Resources in Solano County


Top 10 Bike Rides – Launched in 2017, the top 10 bike rides brochure features easy, medium and difficult rides throughout the county. Check out the interactive website.

Solano Bikelinks Map – The Solano Bikelinks Map is a free map that covers Solano County, most of Yolo County and portions of southern Napa County. It was developed to encourage residents and visitors to bicycle by designating the suitability and safety of many of the roads in Solano County.

Bikes on Transit – Bicycles are allowed on most Bay Area transit systems (usually no extra fee), with various restrictions. For more information,  click here.

Bike to Work Day – Held each year in May, the Bike to Work Day campaign encourages commuters in Solano County (and across the Bay Area) to bike to work or add to along their commute that day.  Energizer Stations are set up countywide where participants who come by receive incentives and are entered into grand prize drawings.

Top 10 Walks/Hikes in Solano County – Launched in 2018, the top 10 walks/hikes brochure features easy, medium and difficult walks/hikes throughout the county.

For more information, contact our Solano Mobility Call Center at: 800-535-6883