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Earn rewards for your smart commute! Log your teleworking days for 10 points, ridesharing (Carpool/ Vanpool) and transit (rail/ferry/bus) trips for 20 points, and active transportation trips for 30 points. After 100 points you’ll receive a $10 gift card of your choice; after 500 points you’ll earn a $25 gift card of your choice; after 1,200 points you’ll win a $50 gift card of your choice!

Eligible trips include one (1) trip to your workplace per day and one (1) trip from your workplace per day, for a total of two (2) trips per day. Each commuter is eligible to receive one of each gift card amount.

Register on Your Computer:
1.) To get started, enter your commute here.
2.) Create a log-in when prompted by filling in your name, email, and creating a password. Then input your home and work zip codes.
3.) Click the download box on the top right corner of your dashboard for your pin number.

Download our App on Your Smart Phone:
1.) Download the Commute Tracker App
2.) Enter the pin from the download box when prompted by the app
3.) You’re set up for on-the-go trip tracking and rewards earning!

For more information, click here. Call 1-800-535-6883 for questions. Happy Travels!