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What is a Carpool?

A carpool is two or more commuters sharing a ride to the same company or several companies located near one another.

The advantages of carpooling include:

  • Savings on commute costs
  • Use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Flexibility: carpool every day, a few days a month, or anywhere in between
  • Lowers stress from always having to drive (in traffic) every day

Sign up for free at Commuter Info to see how you can earn incentives and rewards for carpooling and using other alternative commute modes.

Casual Carpooling is a flexible approach to commuting where drivers who wish to use the HOV lanes offer rides to potential passengers who line up at a common, convenient site to wait for rides into San Francisco. Two popular casual carpool locations in Solano County are the Fairfield Transportation Center in Fairfield and the Curtola Park & Ride lot in Vallejo.

Bay Area casual carpool pick-up locations

Park n Ride locations in Solano and Napa counties


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