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Taxi Scrip

If you are a senior or ADA qualified individual able to enter and exit a taxi cab without assistance, a reduced fare or taxi scrip program may be the right fit for you.  These programs provide the rider with deeply discounted taxi ride. 

Program requirements and discounts vary.  To learn more, go to the  Find Your Ride tool to find what your local transit agency offers and their eligibility requirements.  You may also call your local transit agency for more information or the Mobility Call Center at 800-535-6883.

Changes to the Taxi Scrip Program are coming July 2018!  

The changes include a Pre-Paid debit card that will take the place of the current paper scrip booklets and, the availability of accessible vehicles that will accommodate non-ambulatory riders.  Both the Pre-Paid debit card model and the non-ambulatory component will be phased in beginning with the Solano County Transit (SolTrans) which serves Benicia and Vallejo residents.  The remaining cities will follow starting with Dixon (Readi-Ride) and Rio Vista (Delta Breeze), then Fairfield and Suisun (FAST) and finally Vacaville (CityCoach).  All ADA eligible residents will be contacted about the changes via direct mail.

Taxi Scrip Flyer 2018

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Clipper is the all-in-one transit card that keeps track of any passes,discount tickets, ride books and cash value that you load onto it, while applying all applicable fares, discounts and transfer rules. This lets you customize your card for your own transit needs. You can also use Clipper to pay for parking in a limited number of locations.

Clipper can be used on FAST, SolTrans, CityCoach, Muni, BART, AC Transit, VTA, SamTrans, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, and San Francisco Bay Ferry.

For more information, please visit the Clipper website. Clipper sales are available at the Transportation Info Depot: Suisun City Train Depot, 177 Main Street, Suisun City, CA 94585, Hours: M-F, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm.


Senior Clipper Card

Adults *65 and over are eligible for a free Senior Clipper card. With a Senior Clipper card, you can receive discounts on passes, cash value fares and transfers.

You will need one of the following to demonstrate your eligibility for a Senior Clipper card*:

  • Birth certificate or passport
  • State-issued identification card or driver’s license
  • Permanent resident card ("Green Card")
  • Matricula consular/consular identification card
  • SF City ID Card
  • Military identification card with date of birth
  • Medical benefit card with date of birth

To apply in person, visit us at the Suisun Transportation Info Depot: Suisun City Train Depot, 177 Main Street, Suisun City, CA 94585, Hours: M-F, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm or download and complete the application.


RTC Clipper card (for customers with disabilities)

The RTC Clipper card is a version of Clipper created for passengers under 65* with qualifying disabilities. All disabled customers who wish to receive transit discounts (passes, cash value fares) must have an RTC Clipper card. The RTC Clipper card is a photo identification card. You must apply for an RTC Clipper card in person at a participating transit agency. You may call the Mobility Call Center at 800-535-6883 for more inofrmation.

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ADA Eligibility

Eligibility for origin-to-destination paratransit service is simple. To start the ADA certification process, individuals may contact the ADA paratransit eligibility center for Solano at (707) 541-7184 to schedule an in-person interview assessment.”

Once you have completed the in-person assessment and eligibility is determined, you will receive an ADA Paratransit card and a Paratransit Riders Guide which explains paratransit service guidelines. Paratransit service is available within all Solano County cities as well as between the cities of Solano County.

Please call us at 800-535-6883 if you would like more information. You may also get a list of ADA eligibility required transit services, by using the Find Your Ride tool and clicking on the "ADA eligibility required" checkbox. 

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