In-Person Programs

For many older adults, being able to drive is the most convenient way to travel from place to place and maintain independence. At the same time, as vision, hearing and motor functions decline, older drivers self-restrict their driving to daylight, off peak hours, and/or local roads. If you are an older driver, please consider using the many public, private and other agency services designed specifically for older adults. This website and the Mobility Call Center are here to help you.

To help drivers remain safely behind the wheels of their own vehicles, there are several in-person programs available to Solano residents.

In-Person programs include:

AARP Driver Safety

In Solano County these courses are presented at local senior centers by (local) trained instructors. The in-person courses cover themes similar to the AARP Online Course, but offer more opportunity for human interaction, explanation, and asking questions. Themes include:

  • An overview of the current traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and safe vehicle operations.
  • Minimizing the effects of dangerous blind spots.
  • Maintaining the proper following distance behind another car.
  • The safest ways to change lanes and make turns at busy intersections.
  • Proper use of safety belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, and new technologies used in cars.
  • Ways to monitor your own and the driving skills and capabilities of others.
  • The effects of medications on driving.
  • The importance for eliminating distractions, such as eating, smoking, and cell-phone use.

Drivers 50 years and older are eligible. Participants must pre-register through their local senior center. A schedule of both 4 and 8 hour programs in Solano county can be found at Cost: $12.00 for AARP members and $14.00 for non-members.

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AAA - Safe Driving for Mature Operators

Mature driver course designed for persons 55 years and older. Available through appointment at local Solano County AAA offices in Vacaville and Vallejo.

  • AAA Vacaville, 555 Mason St. Ste 150, 707-451-7150
  • AAA Vallejo, 1183 Admiral Callaghan Lane, 707-551-3500

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CarFit is a volunteer program promoting senior driving safety through in-person workshops teaching mature drivers about techniques to make themselves more comfortable and more in control when driving. CarFit was developed by the American Society on Aging in collaboration with AAA and AARP.

At a CarFit event, a team of trained technicians and/or health professionals works with each participant to ensure they “fit” their vehicle properly for maximum comfort and safety. Technicians and even coordinators are volunteers. CarFit also provides training to volunteer technicians.

For a schedule of events see and click on older drivers under events.

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Mature Driver Improvement Courses

In Solano County, the North Bay Driving School offers a DMV approved Mature Driver Improvement Course at the Fairfield classroom located at 817 Missouri Street, Unit 5.

For more information, please contact the North Bay Driving School at 707-425-5255 or email

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Solano Mobility Video Library

Instructional online videos on older adult driver safety are available in the Solano Mobility Do-It-Yourself Video Library.


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