Solano Mobility Call Center Info

Solano Mobility Call Center Information

Welcome to the Solano Mobility Call Center. You may call 800-535-6883 for personalized assistance during weekday business hours (8am – 5pm) and speak to a friendly customer representative who will help you find the right ride for your trip.

The Solano Mobility Call Center is here to assist you get to your appointments, shopping, work, recreation and other destinations without driving. The Call Center has information on public, non-profit and private transportation services in and around Solano County.

If you have any questions about transportation and mobility services and options in Solano County, please call us. There are many transportation services and we’d be happy to help you find one that makes getting around a little bit easier.

The Solano Mobility Center is a public agency program serving Solano County with information for not only Solano, but also surrounding counties and regions.

All of the information on this website and via the call center is free.  This website was designed to support you and the Solano Mobility Call Center staff with the information and tools you need to get around Solano County and beyond successfully.


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